About The CSH Team

More than twenty years of experience in the self-storage management business has allowed us to develop a comprehensive and professional management program based on a team building concept. This means that the management company, site managers, and all other support personnel work together for the maximum benefit of the owner. As a result of our management program, we have successfully improved the bottom line of each site we have managed.

CSH provides:

  • Trained, experienced managers with benefits
  • Monthly site statistics and rental analysis
  • Detailed monthly financial statement
  • On-staff computer/gate systems expert
  • Installation of office and gate computer systems
  • Customized software for gate and office
  • Computer support and repair service
  • Frequent site visitations
  • CSH-prepared manager/assistant manager manual with policy and procedures
  • Accounts with experienced vendors and contractors for supplies, maintenance, and repair work at sites

As a licensed real estate broker, our other services include site location for development of new facilities, marketing properties for sellers, and handling purchases from contact to closing for the buyers.